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Full Mouth Dental Implants in Kansas City and Overland Park
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Transform Your Smile with Full Mouth Dental Implants

Dr. Philip Gordon, a leading figure in Kansas City, has revolutionized full-mouth dental implants, also known as all-on-4 or all-on-6 dental implants. With surgically placing and restoring over 10,000 dental implants, over a decade of experience, and recognition as a Diplomate of the ABOI, Dr. Philip Gordon is a dental implant specialist and focuses on providing comprehensive solutions for individuals facing issues like missing teeth, loose dentures, gum disease, and failing dental work.

He is one of only a few experts in the implant dentistry field in the Kansas City Metro, Including Overland Park, Leawood, and Prairie Village, Kansas. 

Full Mouth Dental Implants

Do you suffer from?

  • Missing teeth?
  • Failing or loose dentures? Gum disease?
  • Failing dental work that will cost thousands to replace?
  • Do you keep having to have yet another implant and extraction every few years?

You may be one of millions of people who have spent a fortune on your teeth only to still have major problems and an unattractive smile.

Treatment Process

The full-mouth dental implant surgery is a streamlined process, typically completed in a single visit. Dr. Gordon’s expertise allows for the removal of remaining teeth and the placement of implants on the same day, accompanied by a temporary set of teeth for the healing period. An average of 4-6 implants are needed for full arch upper or lower implants.  Some patients who have extreme upper bone loss or hollow sinuses may need more implants or a sinus lift.  The entire procedure, including follow-up visits, spans 6-8 months. Dr. Philip Gordon both places AND restores dental implants. This means Dr. Gordon takes full responsibility for the implant process.

Full Arch Fixed Implants Details

Distinguished from traditional dentures, the full arch fixed implant bridge is made of high-strength zirconia porcelain, eliminating the risks associated with acrylic material. Dr. Gordon’s approach ensures a cost-effective solution, as additional implants are not charged, and the procedure is performed in a single location.  You will not have to travel to two or three different dentists to have this done. The in-office surgical placement and restoration of your full mouth dental implants are done entirely at our Leawood, Kansas dentist office while you sleep with oral or IV sedation.

Custom Full Mouth Dental Implants

Dr. Gordon tailors each Full Mouth Bridge to meet individual needs, ensuring a precise fit and a natural look. The zirconia restoration not only provides comfort against the gums but also goes unnoticed, seamlessly blending with a natural smile. Most dental offices are still providing old hybrid denture implant bridges that have been done since 1965! These have acrylic/plastic teeth that commonly break. Most advertised “all-on-four” bridges are made this way. In fact, Dr. Gordon replaces many broken “All-on Four” hybrid bridges with this option.  No one will know the difference between your restoration and a natural smile.

Before & After Implants Cases

Check out our implant before and after smile gallery for more smile transformations and examples of Dr. Gordon’s patients.

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Restore your smile with new implants

Giving patients a reason to smile again, all-on-4 treatment brings immediate satisfaction in regard to function, aesthetics, sense, speech, and self-confidence. Thus, it’s easy to see why patients throughout the Kansas City metro area choose the four dental implants option. Shorter treatment times mean that less time will need to be taken off of work for many people. In turn, even with minimal bone volume, implants remain stable. 

While this also shortens treatment time, it helps patients avoid costly procedures such as bone grafting and augmentation. Aside from improving a patient’s quality of life, shortening treatment times, and lower costs, the all-inclusive approach allows Dr. Gordon to make your plan for a better smile a reality.

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Learn How Dental Implants Can Impact Your Smile

Gordon Dental Implants & Cosmetics makes every effort to provide dental implant care of the highest quality to Johnson County and Jackson County patients. We realize that all on-four or all on-six treatments provide patients with a new reality through planning and predictable outcomes. 

People who previously could not benefit from implant dentistry, whether due to lack of bone or cost, can now receive affordable, top-notch dental implant treatment. If you want to know more about full-mouth implants to replace your missing natural teeth, contact us today.


Full-arch dental implants completely replace an entire upper or lower arch of missing teeth in just one day, with as little as four to six implants using all four or all six dental implants. These implants support a fixed bridge on either the upper or lower jaw. This revolutionary technology, adopted by Dr. Philip Gordon, allows patients to no longer suffer from the ill effects of near-complete or complete tooth loss and once again eat, smile, and interact confidently. Undoubtedly, permanent tooth replacement using all-on-four dental implants has revolutionized restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

Implants are comfortable and secure, and they stimulate the bones around them. They also stabilize the teeth, enabling a small number of implants to support a maximum number of new teeth. Dental implants are minimally invasive, offering an excellent solution for replacing missing teeth. With proven success rates, implants can return your smile in just one day! 

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Dr. Philip Gordon’s Full Mouth Dental Implants provide a transformative solution for those facing dental challenges in Kansas City. With a focus on expertise, customization, and advanced materials, this innovative approach ensures a confident and enduring smile.Experience the comprehensive and personalized care provided by Dr. Philip Gordon. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and embark on your journey towards a confident and enduring smile.

FAQs about Dental Implants

YES! It takes a one-day surgery to transform you from your current smile to full dental implants process. Dr. Gordon has been performing the “teeth in a day” procedure since 2014. We like to do all the main surgery in one day so out with the bad teeth and in with new dental implants in on surgery.

All of your procedures from start to finish are completed personally by Dr. Philip Gordon in his office at the corner of Leawood, Prairie Village, and Overland Park, Kansas, at 95th Street and Mission Road. We have an excellent sterile surgical suite and highly trained expert dental assistants.

Because Dr. Gordon does this routinely, our cost is usually lower than most other practices.  This is because we have experience and safe systems in place specifically for full arch restoration.

If your case requires extra sinus lifts or other circumstances it may be slightly more costly than one that only requires traditional/regular implants. Payment plans and financing are available.

No, Dr. Goron has a reputation for making this procedure much better than you think! You will be sedated under oral or IV sedation.  Pain will be prevented/reduced from the surgical technique, special anesthetic, antibiotics, steroids, and pain medicine.  Most patients will only use Tylenol and Ibuprofen including those that had both arches.

While you are under oral or IV sedation, your remaining teeth (even if infected) and/or bad implants will be removed, and new implants placed.  A temporary set of teeth will be delivered giving you a complete smile in a day.

Most patients will need some minor extraction sockets grafted to speed bone healing.  This is included in your cost unless “major” grafting is needed.  Major grafting on the upper can be done with sinus or nasal grafts.  These are extremely specialized techniques that Dr. Gordon teaches to other dentists.

For the last 15 years, Dr. Gordon has a 98% success rate using 4 to 6 implants for upper bridges and 4 to 6 implants for lower bridges.  Dr. Gordon will determine the precise number of implants your specific case requires.  There is no extra cost for additional implants. We do not use “mini” implants.

Never. With Dr. Gordon’s technique, your extractions are performed, and implants are placed on the very same day.  Your customized prototype et of temporaries are delivered same day.  You won’t be left without teeth. Your diet will be restricted to very soft foods (3-4 months) while in the prototype so that your bone can heal without movement.

Yes…in some cases. 

Dr. Gordon feels it is important to “test drive” a second set of healing teeth that will look and feel most like your final.  This will allow you to test cosmetics, bite, speech, lip support, and other important factors.

You will wear your first healing bridge for 4 to 6 months while bone and gums heal.  It is best to allow this healing for the gums to shape to their final position.

Your bridge is custom computer milled from a solid piece of Zirconia. It is hand-crafted to your unique smile and real looking colors are permanently absorbed into the bridge prior to final polishing.  Dr. Philip Gordon has a spial dental lab that is one of the most experienced in the USA.

Your Zirconia bridge is designed to last many years. It is possible that it may out last you!  About 1-5% of patients develop bone loss and recession around dental implants.  Dr. Gordon’s unique surgical technique places the full-mouth dental implants in such a way as to reduce this possibility tremendously.  Dr. Gordon has hundreds of cases that are already 10 years old. 

Smoking, diabetes, and immune system problems may shorten the life.

Zirconia is non-porous, so it does not stain, change colors, or retain odors. You care for this bridge just like natural teeth. Other bridge materials such as acrylic “hybrid” denture teeth attract both odor and stain leading to bad breath.

Zirconia doesn’t attract plaque (and the harmful bacteria that breeds in dental plaque).  Most patients only need a water pick and electric toothbrush to keep everything clean.  We will teach you how to floss under the smooth underside.  Professional cleanings are needed every six months.

A 2017 study of 2,039 full-arch Prettau® Zirconia bridges published in the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry documents a less than 0.5% failure rate for all patients in the study. Be wary of many inferior imitation zirconia materials, inexperienced providers and large volume production labs/offices.

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