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Fix Your Broken and Failing Dental Implants

When a dental implant breaks it can be a serious concern that requires immediate attention either due to health or appearance. But whichever type of fracture it is, it is important to see a dental implant specialist as soon as possible for a consultation and diagnosis. Let us help fix your broken and failing dental implants and walk you through everything you need to know when it comes to broken dental implants. 

Fix your broken dental implants

Approximately 35% of Dr. Philip Gordon’s procedures involve addressing failed dental implants, encompassing the saving, removal, or replacement of broken and failing dental implants with complications. 

At Gordon Dental Implants & Cosmetics, we understand that dental implant complications can arise, impacting your oral health.  Our expert team specializes in providing comprehensive solutions, ensuring your implants stand the test of time.  Explore the causes, symptoms, and expert treatments for failed dental implants.

Dr. Gordon is a Dental Implant Expert, and his expertise extends not only to complex cases, such as single front tooth to full mouth (all on four implants), but also to an increasing number of patients dealing with issues like “peri-implantitis,” a term for problems around dental implants.

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We Make Your Second Choice The Best Choice

At Gordon Dental Implants, we fix broken teeth and broken implants every day. When a tooth breaks, the first thing that needs to be done is determining how bad the tooth is broken and if it can be saved or if it needs to be extracted and replaced.

Understanding Dental Implant Complications

Fix Your Broken and Failing Dental Implants Failing All On Four Implants

Dental implants are a transformative solution, but complications may occur.  Learn about the causes and potential issues that lead to broken and failing dental implants and discover preventive measures for long-term success.

Choosing an implant specialist with extensive experience, like Dr. Gordon and his team in Leawood, KS, ensures your implant problems can be addressed with precision and care.  Our compassionate approach involves understanding your situation without judgment, aiming to provide the help you need.

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A Real Patient Story

A 67-year-old female requested a consultation at our office for a broken implant emergency. She was seen and pictures and x-rays taken revealed a broken implant bridge. The patient shared that she had her implant arches done at a corporate dental implant office two years prior to the incident. 

The patient had 4 implants on top and 4 on the bottom with acrylic over a metal bar for the final implant bridge. As commonly seen with these types of restorations, the acrylic had broken away from the metal bar underneath leaving the PT without her ability to chew, smile, or function confidently. The patient had pain and wanted a better solution presented. 

Dr. Gordon chose to add additional implants to the top and bottom jaws and then replaced her broken plastic teeth with solid zirconia porcelain. Now the patient has a stronger and more beautiful bite and a smile with more support and a better long-term outlook.

What Can Go Wrong With Dental Implants

Dental implants are made of a strong metal alloy – surgical titanium – and can withstand most types of normal activity. However, they do have the potential to break if not placed or used properly. Most times it is not the dental implant that breaks but rather one of the other pieces connected to the implant. When an implant does break, though, this means it needs to be removed from its current spot for future replacement (although this doesn’t happen often).

Dental implants can break when: either the abutment itself snaps apart; something happens with the crown; something happens with the All-On-4 bridge appliance; or something happens with the fixated denture. Different solutions exist for each type of broken implant problem.

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Stay informed about the signs of failed dental implants.  From swelling and discomfort to infection and metal exposure, understanding these symptoms is crucial for early intervention.  If you experience any of these symptoms, contact our office immediately, as they could indicate implant failure.  Early intervention may save an implant that would otherwise need replacement.

Broken acrylic all on for dental implants

Broken and Failing Implant Symptoms:

  • Swelling of the implant gum
  • Broken or cracked all on four acrylic
  • Broken Implant crown
  • Trouble/difficulty chewing
  • Receding gums
  • Infection/pus
  • Bad breath/odor
  • Metal/Thread exposure
  • Pain or discomfort
  • Loosening of the implant
  • Red/purple gum
  • Clicking when biting
  • Food gets stuck
  • A gap developed
  • Broken All-on-Four Implants
  • Broken Single tooth Implant

Treatment Options

Discover advanced treatment options to salvage failed dental implants.  Our team specializes in implant revision, utilizing techniques such as bone grafting, gum augmentation, and laser treatments to rescue and save implants.

When faced with broken and failing dental implants, explore the possibilities of dental implant revision.  Dr. Philip Gordon, our expert implant specialist, provides honest evaluations, discussing replacement options and offering a prognosis for long-term success.

Very well health has a great guide on how to tell if your dental implants are failing, check it out here.

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How To Get My Broken Dental Implant Fixed

In order to save a tooth that has been damaged in some way, the patient can decide between an extraction and a variety of other treatments. When it comes down to fixing teeth or extracting them, you always want to talk about what will ultimately happen with your mouth before doing anything drastic; this way you’ll have all the information you need from us at Gordon Dental Implants and Cosmetics when making decisions about your health and smile!

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Things People Ask About Broken Dental Implants

Dental implants can have problems arise at various points of treatment. Dental implants must be placed into precise areas of the jaw bone, and they have to be placed with enough bone to hold the implant as it heals. The implant cannot be subject to too much chewing or pressure during the healing process. If the implant doesn’t have enough bone or gets chewed on too much it can lead to the body will reject it.

When a dental implant crown or abutment screw breaks it usually causes the crown piece to feel loose in the mouth. This could be due to the tooth hitting too hard against other teeth, or the screw had too much pressure applied to it and broke. When a dental implant crown breaks that means that the top part of the tooth you can see and chew with is broken. The titanium implant itself may be completely fine but the crown or the abutment that connects the crown and implant can be broken. This can cause the implant to feel loose even if the implant itself it okay. If the crown or abutment is the problem, then a new impression may need to be taken and a new crown or abutment made.

At Gordon Dental Implants and Cosmetics, we can tell you what to do if a dental implant breaks. Dental implants themselves, the metal screws in the bone, very rarely break but if they do they need to be addressed immediately. Broken dental implants can cause infection and pain and need to be removed. If a single tooth implant breaks or is infected beyond repair, it will need to be removed and area evaluated to see if a new implant can be placed with the help of bone grafts. Once healed, the new implant will be ready for a new abutment and crown to complete the tooth. If the dental implant is fine but the abutment or implant crown has broken, we would need a new impression of the implant and adjacent teeth in the mouth and order new parts for the creation of the new abutment and crown to be custom made.

At Gordon Dental implants we fix broken teeth and broken implants every day. When a tooth breaks, the first thing that needs to be done is determine how bad the tooth is broken and if can be saved or if it needs to be extracted and replaced. First, we will cover treatments if a tooth needs to be taken out. When a tooth is not repairable and needs to be extracted, it needs to be determined if and how the tooth will be replaced. Most teeth that come out of the smile line, people want to replace, a dental implant is the best way to replace missing teeth. Dental implants can help one mossing tooth, a few missing teeth, or all of your missing teeth depending on your needs. A dental bridge can also be an option to replace 1-2 teeth, a removable partial or complete denture can replace a few missing teeth or all of the missing teeth but is not the most ideal way to do so. Dental implants are the best choice and gold standard with today’s dental technology. They can last the longest and not compromise the other parts of the mouth.

When a dental implant breaks it can be a true dental emergency that requires attention right away due to health concerns or concerns of physical appearance and function. Some broken dental implants can be due to something small that can be fixed later at a more convenient time and are less emergent. Either way, it is imperative to be seen as soon as possible for a consult so the dentist can make a diagnosis. After the problem has been diagnosed, the dentist can direct the patient to be appointed and treated right away or schedule the patient to return at a later date to resolve the issue. A suspected broken implant crown or failing all-on-4 warrants an immediate appointment to determine the cause of the break. They may not always be an emergency and can require a quick cosmetic fix before scheduling back for a more thorough fix if no there are no health concerns. Dental implants that feel hurt or swollen should be addressed immediately to determine if the broken implant was caused by an infection that could lead to needing an implant removed or revisional surgery. If the dental implant was placed recently and has broken or has abnormal pain and swelling as a result of the broken implant, there may be an infection that needs immediate treatment. The last example can lead to jaw infections, bone loss, and implant failures. Any broken crown or arch appliance requires a visit as soon as possible so the dentist can determine the severity of the break and what can be done as soon as possible. Here at Gordon Dental, we’re prepared to see emergency patients and get them the best solution as fast as possible.

Get A Free Broken Dental Implant Consultation

In order to save a tooth that has been damaged in some way, the patient can decide between an extraction and a variety of other treatments.

Thorough examination, including a 3D scan for virtual surgery evaluation, measurement of gum thickness and quality using photographs, digital models, and face scanning Gordon Dental will be able to discuss options to fix failed implants options and treatments specialized for you.

Exploration of options to salvage or replace failed implants, including techniques like bone addition, palate gum addition, laser treatment, antibiotic treatment, and screw/abutment replacement. Same-day replacement of implants when necessary, including complex implants and sinus surgeries.

When it comes down to fixing teeth or extracting them, you always want to talk about what will ultimately happen with your mouth before doing anything drastic; this way you’ll have all the information you need from us at Gordon Dental Implants and Cosmetics when making decisions about your health and smile! Here at Gordon Dental Implants and Cosmetics, we provide free consultations for every patient so they don’t feel pressured into making decisions too quickly – especially since many times these choices take time to heal from! Check out our dental implant before and after section here. 

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Whether you seek Dental Implant solutions in Kansas or the expertise of the best implant dentist in Overland Park, our team is dedicated to providing top-notch care.  For residents in Kansas City, Overland Park, and Leawood, our oral surgery experts offer affordable dental implant solutions. Dr. Gordon, a Dental Implant Specialist, is your go-to implant expert, ensuring optimal results. Contact us at 913-649-5017 to navigate your dental implant journey with confidence.  Your oral health is our priority.

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