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Tooth Extractions/ Do you need a tooth pulled?

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Although tooth extraction is usually a last resort, damage, infection, or overcrowding may lead to the need for tooth extractions in some patients. If you are in this situation, we invite you to contact our dentist, Dr. Gordon, for a consultation. At the office of Gordon Dental Implants & Cosmetics, we can ensure that you have a comfortable, gentle experience. Call us today to learn more about tooth extractions in Leawood, Kansas, and to relieve your discomfort!

Several conditions may necessitate tooth extraction:

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Care and comfort from start to finish

Our dentist and team use great care and skill when performing a tooth extraction to ensure that your experience is as comfortable and painless as possible. We will also provide you with detailed post-treatment care instructions so you can properly take care of your smile as it heals. For the American Dental Association tooth extraction information click here.

For more information on tooth extraction and to schedule your personalized consultation at our friendly dental office, we invite you to call or visit us today. We are committed to improving your smile!

Tooth Extractions Kansas City, Overland Park, Leawood Kansas

Restore health with tooth extractions.