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The Truth Behind Low-Cost Dental Implant Ads

The process of getting a dental implant is complex and requires many steps during the planning process. It is almost impossible for any implant advertisement to accurately list the cost of treatment without physically examining the patient. Sadly, many people are drawn to implant dentists by an appealing ad only to find out that the cost of their procedure is going to be significantly higher than they expected.

Why are Some Dental Implants Cheaper Than Others?

The cost for cheap dental implants you see online or on billboards is often deceptive. Many times, these dental offices promote implant pricing that seems too good to be true, because they don’t disclose all of the services that impact the total cost you pay out of pocket. For instance, they may advertise $399 or $499 implant cost per tooth replacement but don’t list the fee for sedation, bone loss repair, or lab fees for your permanent prosthesis several months later. Your consultation visit may be free, but the truth comes out when they estimate your insurance coverage with each of the services required for the implant placement. 

Be careful when an advertisement claims that a practice offers dental implants at a very low price. You should ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the low price inclusive of both the placement of the dental implant and the final restoration?
  • Does the price include the surgical guide, lab fees, sedation, or other related services (such as bone grafting)?
  • Why are they charging such a low fee? Are they known for their high-quality and personalized service or are there complaints from past patients?
  • Are there any hidden costs in order to charge such a low rate for dental implants?
  • Which type of dental implants are they using, and where are they buying them from? 
  • Which type of implant prosthesis do you receive? Will it need to be replaced?

Pros and Cons of Dental Tourism

Is it worth traveling out of the country to get cheap dental implants? While medical and dental tourism may seem safe, you never know what you’re getting in most cases. The dental implant procedure may not include standardized implant designs, making them difficult to repair in the future. And there is no way to follow up if there are complications with your surgery. Plus, if you need a bone graft or sinus surgery, you’ll still need to travel back and forth multiple times, eliminating any cost savings. Dental tourism eliminates any follow-up access to care from the type of licensed, trained dentists you’re used to seeing in the United States. 

Dangers of Cheap Implants and Fast Treatment Plans

Some dental implant providers rush the process in an effort to place dental implants as quickly and cheaply as possible. If the implants are not properly integrated, you could put too much pressure on them. It’s dangerous—and a financial gamble—to remove a tooth and place an implant that same day, then expect it to perform like a new tooth without giving it time to integrate. 

Remember that dental implants cost includes the fee for all applicable procedures, including extractions, sedation options, sinus lifts, and grafting. Cheap implants typically leave out these itemized surgery steps on their ads, website, or when you make the initial appointment. 

Rushed dental implants often sacrifice quality or force specific types of treatment onto the patient. For example, you may be able to replace all of your teeth with two implants and a removable overdenture, but in reality, you wanted a permanent tooth solution like All-on-4. Or your surgery only included four implants when the dentist needs a site for two more implants for longevity. But they cut corners because of costs, reducing the integrity of your fixed hybrid dentures. 

Your Long Term Cost Savings on Implants

Quality implants are the best permanent alternative for missing teeth. They preserve the natural appearance of your smile and last longer than removable prosthetics such as dentures or partials. When you invest in an implant procedure, your return-on-investment far outweighs any other tooth-replacement option available in today’s dental practices. 

At Gordon Dental, there are no hidden fees, so the initial costs of a dental implant are what you pay. Any preliminary treatment or bone grafting will be discussed during your initial consultation. There are no extra charges tucked into cheap treatment plan outlines. We discuss any preliminary procedure needs or personalized service requirements in advance. 

Implants will save you money over the long term, but they require more of an initial investment than a dental bridge or denture. These seemingly “cheaper” treatments can cost you more later on, when old restorations need to be replaced. When you look at the big picture, dental implants done right the first time save you time and money, not to mention give you the self-confidence you deserve. 

What Type of Dentist Should I Use for Dental Implants?

When you’re considering an implant procedure, it’s important to select the right technique, best type of dental implants, and an experienced provider. A skilled implant dentist who focuses on implant dentistry and restoring missing teeth is essential. If something sounds too good to be true or you see budget implant centers pop up with treatment at such a low price, you often get what you pay for. At Gordon Dental, we can ensure that you receive the highest quality care. Each year, we place hundreds of dental implants for Leawood and Kansas City patients. And with onsite CT scan technology and state-of-the-art resources, our implant dentist can also ensure an efficient, comfortable experience.

Our dentist will carefully screen all applicants for implant placement prior to developing a treatment plan. If your dental health is adequate for implant placement, we will discuss the best way to replace teeth throughout your mouth. This could involve anywhere from 2-4 implants or more per arch. Since our dentist wants to look at your “whole story” so to speak, we don’t cut corners to save money and compromise quality. We want every procedure to be safe, cost-efficient and improve the quality of life for our patients. 

Boost Your Self Esteem With Dental Implants

Call Gordon Dental today to reserve a consultation with our highly experienced dental implant doctor. We’ll help you access quality implant care without cutting corners, cheap implant placement, or hiding our fees from you.