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Dental Implant Financing and Payment Plan Options Explained

At Gordon Dental, we understand that the price of dental implant treatment is one of the main factors in restoring your smile. But implants also offer the best return on investment if you have missing teeth. Making your treatment a reality can be a life-changer for your quality of life as well as future dental expenses. That’s why we offer flexible dental implant payment plans and financing options for our patients undergoing tooth replacement therapy. 

Payment Plans for Dental Implants

Dental payment plans are great regardless of whether or not you have dental insurance. Two of the most popular types of dental financing plans are CareCredit and Lending Club, among many others. These third party finance company payment plans are what most patients prefer. An upfront deposit may not even be required, and you can pay it off as quickly as you like with no fees attached. 

Implant financing allows you to apply a payment plan to any dental implant treatment or other required dental work. Third-party payment plan programs can be used to cover the total cost of implants or paired with things like your flex spending or dental savings plan. 

Gordon Dental offers no-fuss implant financing options from ProceedFinance for our patients because they have amazing low cost plans and the approval rate is very high compared to other options.

Supplement Your Insurance Coverage

Financing options can be paired to supplement your dental insurance at any time. If you’re getting ready to save or pay for dental implants, payment plans can help you plan the treatment without having to wait months, years, or take out home equity loans. If you prefer, you can also apply your flexible spending account (FSA) benefits. Normally it’s more affordable to keep your oral health in check (and avoid using a credit card) with monthly payment plans. 

Popular Types of Dental Implant Financing Options

United Medical Credit is a type of dental credit card with low interest rates. It covers the whole process of implant treatment, regardless of how complex your dental needs may be. Just like other payment plans, you will want to read the fine print to know how much to pay monthly or what credit score you need to have. 

ProceedFinance, CareCredit and Lending Club are not dental credit cards but work more like interest free personal loans with a low or zero interest payment plan attached to them. Interest is applied if your payment plan exceeds a certain length of time. Most dental clinics offer this type of dental implant financing. They run your information through the platform (where a separate credit check occurs), and you can receive instant approval for your dental implants treatment. 

Health Savings Account

With or without dental insurance, a flexible spending account (FSA) allows you to use pre-tax dollars set aside for medical or dental health needs. FSA funds are an interest free plan alternative that doesn’t pertain to any lending institution. Rather, flexible spending funds are set aside throughout the year to pay for health needs, wisdom teeth removal, dental implants, or any planned health procedures. Instead of a credit card or payment plans, your dentist or oral surgeon applies your FSA funds to the dental implant procedures or anything else on your care plan. There is no dental implant financing applied to your credit score, and FSA funds are used similar to a debit card. 

Other Payment Plans Options

Some people take out personal loans for dental procedures or locate a discount dental plan. Personal loan alternatives also include a family loan, if you borrow money from retirement savings or home equity line of credit, etc. Even with an unsecured loan to finance dental implants, you can pay off the loan early so that it doesn’t work against your retirement plan/retirement account.

Dental Implant Financing FAQ

Do You Offer Payment Plans for Dental Implants?

Implant treatment is great for missing teeth. But are you worried about medical bills, bad credit, or making monthly payments? You don’t have to! Dental implant financing is as easy as calling our office to schedule a dental visit. 

How Can I Apply for Implant Financing? 

Don’t want to use a credit card on implant treatment? Financing dental implants is as easy as a quick check on your credit score. A payment plan for dental implants or other dental care is typically an almost-instant approval. 

Are Interest Free Options Available?

Yes. Assuming you make monthly payments on your dental implants or other restorative dentistry treatments, you can potentially pay off your dental care or implant treatment with no interest. Usually, there is a minimum monthly payment required.

What is the Monthly Payment?

Sometimes the best way to afford dental treatment is to make affordable monthly payments. This type of dental finance program involves making low monthly installments on the total cost of your dental implants. If you have more expensive dental procedures, monthly payment options make dental care more accessible. In most cases, there is no finance charge on any treatment plan, even if it includes dental implants.

Can I Finance What Isn’t Covered by My Insurance?

Absolutely. Even without dental insurance, health insurance, or flexible spending accounts, dental implant financing can cover the entire cost of your dental work. But if you just need to supplement what isn’t covered by your insurance company, financing will easily fill in the gap (bad credit or not.)

What Should I Do About Dental Implants for Bad Credit Scores?

Sometimes there are still dentistry payment plans or a medical credit card that can use if you have a bad credit history. When you have dental work that is medically necessary, most dental offices can help you find a payment solution whether you have a bad credit history or not. Monthly installments on dental implants are just one example. 

Implants are a Smart Investment in Your Smile

Nothing outlasts dental implants! Our dental office works closely with your dental insurance carrier to help you maximize your coverage. Contact Gordon Dental during our normal office hours to reserve a free consultation. 

*Some offers mentioned are subject to credit approval. 

*Not all promotional financing options are available at all enrolled providers. Promotional financing options are not available at all retail locations that accept CareCredit and standard account terms will apply to such purchases.

*Credit terms will depend upon credit score and other key financing characteristics, including but not limited to the amount financed, loan term length, and your credit usage and history. Applications are subject to credit approval.