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X-rays of failing root canal replaced with a dental implant

Comparing Cost and Value: The Importance of Considering Dental Implants as an Alternative to Root Canal Treatment

As a recognized dental implant specialist, my foremost commitment is to prioritize the preservation of natural teeth. While dental implants offer remarkable solutions, they should be considered as a secondary option to your own natural teeth. The key factor lies in assessing the “restorability” of your existing tooth when faced with the decision between a root canal and a dental implant replacement.

A root canal is a procedure designed to address a dead or dying tooth, often resulting from a deep cavity affecting or approaching the nerve. Trauma, such as a forceful impact to the mouth, can also necessitate a root canal to save the tooth. The process involves hollowing out the inside of the tooth and removing the nerves, leaving the tooth vulnerable to weakness, brittleness, and fractures. To reinforce the tooth, a crown is crafted to cap over it, playing an equally crucial role as the root canal itself.

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The longevity of a crown largely depends on the amount of natural tooth structure remaining. In cases where a significant cavity extends beneath the gumline and a root canal has been performed, the tooth may have minimal structural support. Contrary to common belief, a tooth post or build-up does not enhance the tooth’s strength; it merely provides additional support for the crown.

Regrettably, root canals are sometimes performed on teeth with bleak prognoses. Crowns made for such compromised teeth may fail prematurely despite the investment of considerable time and money in the root canal, crown, post, and build-up – a situation that raises ethical concerns.

In instances of severe tooth damage, opting for a dental implant may prove more financially sensible than pursuing a root canal and crown with a doubtful long-term prognosis. While saving a tooth with a root canal is the preferred course of action when viable for the long term, it is crucial to consider the cost-effectiveness and durability of the chosen treatment.

A dental implant placed by a specialist like Dr. Philip Gordon boasts an impressive 98% success rate, in stark contrast to the 40-50% survival rate of a root canal on a severely compromised tooth after 10 years. 

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The decision should hinge on the restorability of the tooth – if it is salvageable with a root canal for the long term, that should be the chosen path, both for oneself and one’s family.

In summary, while dental implants present a viable alternative, the decision between a root canal and an implant should be based on the individual tooth’s condition and long-term prognosis. Investing in a dental implant may offer a more sustainable solution, both financially and in terms of longevity when the natural tooth is beyond reasonable restoration.


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