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Why Choose Gordon Dental Implants And Cosmetics For Your Dental Implants

Losing your natural teeth doesn’t mean the end of your smile. The life changing benefits of today’s implants and cosmetic dentistry services can transform the confidence, lifestyle, and chewing power of your bite. Even if you’re missing several teeth, Gordon Dental Implants & Cosmetics can provide you with an individualized treatment plan to restore your mouth back to a healthy state.

Implants: Naturally Beautiful, Permanently Functional 

A lost tooth can ruin your smile. With our Kansas City implant dentist, your smile will be completely reconstructed. 

The cosmetic rehabilitation process starts with a consultation. Your very first visit with our implant dentist will be to discuss your concerns, vision, what’s possible, and even the financing available to help make your new smile possible. 

Experiencing tooth loss doesn’t just detract from your confidence. It will also influence your eating habits, TMJ health, and social life. A missing tooth will also cause the surrounding teeth to move and tilt out of alignment, impacting your overall smile. The great news is that dental implants can restore the function of your teeth and smile without wearing dentures.

First Step: Schedule an Implant Consultation

If you’re looking for a Kansas City implant team, Gordon Dental offers complete restoration of your natural teeth under one roof. Whether you’re missing one tooth or all of them, you’ll start by reserving a complimentary consultation with Dr. Gordon. When you contact us, we’ll arrange for you to come in for a free 3D Conebeam CBCT scan and photographs. Dr. Gordon will use the advantages of this 3D imaging to assess your full jawbone and surrounding oral anatomy. From there, we will speak to you about what options you have surgically when it comes to our reconstructive services. 

The services for each of our patients are tailored to the unique function and personal needs of the individual. We pride ourselves in quality care, regardless of your goals, needs, or budget. Take the first step to find out if you qualify!

Dental Care Financing in Kansas City

Affording your dental implants shouldn’t stand in the way of whether you can enjoy a healthy smile or eat your favorite foods. We work hard to deliver accessible dental care that fits your lifestyle and budget! As we develop your care plan, our team is working hard to construct affordable payment options and financing choices that fit your lifestyle. That way you can replace and rehabilitate your smile without losing sleep about how to pay for treatment. There is truly something for every budget and family! We work up an individual plan for every patient. So, if you have dental insurance or don’t, or need to work with a specific monthly payment amount, Dr. Gordon (one of the best implant dentists in the area) will still be able to treat you. 

Real Patients, Real Life Changing Results

Why Choose Gordon Dental Implants And Cosmetics For Your Dental Implants 1

What makes our dentist different when it comes to caring for our patients? Dr. Gordon offers comprehensive tooth replacement under one roof. Your start-to-finish experience includes everything from the surgical placement of your implant to the fabrication and placement of crowns, bridges, or full-arch restorations

What you’ll find in a lot of places is that after your initial consult, the patient is sent to various different dentists or separate offices for each phase of their care plan. This can add extra time, costs, and frustration for you and your family. But Dr. Gordon is available to care for every patient in one location without any outside referrals. Each step of your oral health plan is scheduled with the same team by your side. Dr. Gordon will place, design, and restore your smile so that you’ll feel confident and be able to chew all of your favorite foods again! 

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants offer life changing benefits to people suffering from missing teeth. The natural design of implants offers a permanent tooth replacement option for a completely healthy mouth. They’re ideal for people with missing teeth because they integrate with your jaw and help halt bone loss while also being non-invasive to adjacent teeth. Each implant is permanently fixed into your jawbone, offering a lifelong replacement option that far exceeds the performance of dentures or partials. 

What is a Dental Implant?

Today’s modern dental implants are essentially artificial, functional new “teeth” that restore smiles destroyed by trauma, decay, or gum disease. Implants offer the highest quality tooth replacement because they are the only cosmetic restoration that truly mirrors natural teeth. Whether you’re missing one tooth or all of them, contact our team to discuss what your options are. 

Save Time. Save Money.

Gordon Dental makes your smile reconstruction process simpler, with complete start-to-finish guidance beginning with your initial new patient visit to the final restoration installed on top of your dental implant. We feature an in-house lab where we design and produce each of the cosmetic restorations (such as crowns or bridges) for our patients. Not only does this expedite your care, but you’ll also have a single contact to work with and can schedule each of your appointments with a team you already know and trust. Your wallet will also thank you!

Tell Me The Cost Of Dental Implants?

We understand that the cost of getting a dental implant is one of the primary concerns of our clients. That’s why we’re clear and upfront about the price of your dental implant treatment well before you commit to any procedures. During your initial (and free) assessment, our patient coordinators will construct a detailed care plan that lists each specific fee involved. And if you have dental insurance, we’ll work your benefits into the breakdown as well. That way you can easily plan for financing/payment options if you prefer. 

Welcome to Gordon Dental Implants & Cosmetics Prairie Village, Kansas

We pride ourselves on improving the lives of people through world-class implants across Leawood and the Kansas City areas. If you’re ready to smile again, contact us today to reserve a complimentary evaluation to see if you qualify.