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What Type of Dentist Should I Use for Dental Implants?

Are you in the early stages of selecting the best Leawood implant dentist for your smile’s reconstructive needs? Dental implants are unlike most “every day” dental restorations in that they restore the function of a complete anatomical tooth (including the root, below the gumlines.) This unique design makes getting dental implant treatment and choosing a dentist quite different from other cosmetic dentistry services. 

Although some general dentists perform dental implant surgery, not all of them choose to pursue the same level of extensive post-doctoral training as other dental specialists, such as an oral surgeon, prosthodontist, or periodontist. However, some of them do. Being able to select the right dentists that do implants can seem a bit overwhelming, so here are some things to keep in mind before choosing a specific provider. 

Should You See an Implant Specialist? 

Technically speaking, there is no recognized expert for dental implants, per se. But certain types of dental specialists do choose to focus on specific procedures, such as dental implant surgery. That being said, you can receive an extremely high level of care from an extensively trained cosmetic dentist. So, yes, you to receive the same level of dental implant care equal to that of an oral surgeon, periodontist, or prosthodontist, so long as you choose a cosmetic dentist with extensive post-doctoral training in dental implantology. 

While specialists such as oral surgeons or periodontists place dental implants, they frequently refer the patient back to their primary dental provider to fabricate the restoration that fits on top of the implants. That is, the visible “teeth” you see while you’re smiling, such as porcelain crowns, bridges, or a hybrid denture appliance like All-on-4. So you would essentially start with your family dentist, be referred to a specialist for implants, then be sent back to your general provider for the final phases of oral rehabilitation. 

Partnering with a cosmetic dentist with advanced post-doctoral training, specifically in the area of implantology (dental implants), allows you to streamline the experience and receive start-to-finish care with the same skilled provider. As a result, there are no extra referrals, lengthier waiting times, or unnecessary confusion related to the overall care of your smile’s needs. 

Dr. Gordon teaching other dentists how to do implants at Implant Pathways

Not All Dentists are Extensively Trained in Implant Dentistry

Traditional family dentists are well-versed in comprehensive preventative, therapeutic, and restorative dentistry. They are licensed and qualified to offer a variety of different services, including specialized procedures like root canals, dental implant placement, surgical extractions, and biopsies. However, complex and delicate services such as these do require more time, technology, and attention to detail to complete. As such, most family dentists or those focused on specific cosmetic dentistry treatments (veneers, etc.) still refer their patients to a specialist when complex care is required. Particularly full mouth reconstruction or the placement of multiple dental implants at one time. 

Could a family dentist perform a root canal, extraction, or place an implant? Yes. But given the circumstances surrounding the case—such as how complex it is—and the frequency at which they personally offer these services, they may feel it’s in their patient’s best interest to see someone who has a practice dedicated to those specific types of services. And if it affects your “smile zone” and the way you’ll look on an everyday basis, it is typically best to leave your care to someone who specializes in a particular type of treatment. 

For something as complex as cosmetic smile reconstruction with dental implants, it’s best to trust your results to someone with extensive training, specifically in the area of dental implantology. Then, the process will be more predictable, comfortable, and the outcome as great as you hoped it would be. 

Why Dr. Gordon is Different

Leawood cosmetic dentist Dr. Philip Gordon is considered one of the leaders in implant dentistry in the Kansas and Missouri region. He has completed hundreds of hours of training, specifically in the field of dental implantology, studying extensively with other implant specialists throughout the country. Each year, he continues to study hundreds of hours in the area of advanced implant therapy and cosmetic dentistry. 

In addition to his pursuit of extended implant knowledge and placement techniques, Dr. Gordon has completed an extensive number of case studies and selective exams to qualify as an eligible member of prestigious dental implant and cosmetic dentistry societies, including:

Each of these elite organizations mandates strict requirements for eligible candidacy. For example, The ABOI/ID Diplomate designation symbolizes the highest level of competence in implant dentistry. Certification by the ABOI/ID attests to the fact that a dentist has demonstrated knowledge, ability, and proficiency in implant dentistry through a rigorous examination process. Such, a select few general dentists go on to pursue attaining membership within these premier organizations, much less several of them on a joint basis. 

As a general dentist with expansive training in cosmetic and implant therapy, Dr. Gordon has completed thousands of implant cases throughout his career. His studies exceed those of a traditional family (general) dentist, putting him on par with most of the dental specialists who offer implants in their practices. 

Selecting a progressive dentist offering specialty services like state-of-the-art cosmetics and implant therapy ensures the best possible outcome for your smile. It also eliminates the need to transfer back-and-forth between numerous clinics throughout your smile transformation. 

Dr. Gordon specifically focuses his services within the field of cosmetic dentistry and dental implants in Leawood. By pursuing specialized training in advanced services that typically go outside the bounds of family dentistry (and becoming credentialed in those areas of care), our practice can facilitate a higher level of cosmetic dentistry to the clients we serve. 

The Best Choice for Your Smile’s Future

Gordon Dental Implants and Cosmetics is your premier choice for cosmetic dentistry and smile reconstruction. We invite you to request a consultation with Dr. Gordon today to learn more about how we can help you feel proud of your smile again. Our wide variety of advanced implant and rejuvenation treatments are exactly the level of care you’ve been searching for. Contact us today to get started.