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What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction

Do you have several missing, broken, or unattractive teeth? Full mouth reconstruction is a functional smile makeover where you’ll enjoy better overall oral health to enhance your lifestyle, diet, and self-confidence. Full mouth rehabilitation takes your entire smile into account, addressing everything from natural tooth structure to gum tissue. By working with a cosmetic and restorative dentist, you’ll be able to look and feel like a new person.

What Is A Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Technically, full mouth reconstruction is an approach where general or restorative dentists “overhaul” your smile for optimal oral health. It could involve therapeutic treatments to restore damaged, decaying teeth, or replacement treatments to fill in voids throughout your bite. 

Mouth restoration often involves cosmetic dentistry techniques blended with restorative procedures. Your dental specialists use services to manage oral health challenges that affect your overall state of well-being, not just the way you look. In most situations, your dental procedure process can and will combine a variety of aesthetic and restorative dental procedures. Such as porcelain veneers, oral surgery, dental implants, ceramic crowns, or soft tissue grafting. 

Full Mouth Reconstruction vs. Smile Makeover

Is full mouth reconstruction the same thing as a cosmetic smile makeover? It can be. But for a lot of people, a smile makeover is something used to address specific problems in certain teeth, whereas full mouth reconstruction is something you need for functional and dietary purposes. That being said, newly reconstructed teeth also provide a cosmetic enhancement at the same time. For example, full-arch dental implants repair your entire oral function but also improve how your smile looks.

Modern dentistry offers a wide choice of treatments to meet the diverse range of needs for all individuals – whether adults, children, or teenagers. Whether we’re replacing missing teeth because of an injury or to improve the appearance of your full mouth, your cosmetic dentist and oral surgeons tailor your care plan to meet the specific circumstances of your smile.

Fortunately, today it’s possible to treat issues like tooth decay with a tooth-colored filling material. The results are both functional as well as attractive. White fillings and ceramic dental crowns are often combined with other treatments to ensure optimal oral health. But if you like, you can also combine elective services such as teeth whitening, aligners, or veneers for an added aesthetic “twist” on things. 

Many of the same techniques and treatments used for full mouth restoration are also used for smile makeovers. However, many of the clinically necessary procedures, such as the need to treat periodontal disease or bite reprogramming (orthotic adjustment) also rehabilitate your dental function and jaw muscles. It’s just that the dental materials used for restorative treatments are more likely to be applied to dental insurance coverage because they’re medically necessary for your full mouth reconstruction.

How The Rejuvenation Process Begins

Every full mouth makeover is unique. Our cosmetic dentist will examine your mouth to identify specific problems, concerns, and recommend the best treatment options to manage them. The examination process will include pictures and x-rays of upper and lower teeth, dental models, measuring your gum tissue and bone, and one-on-one discussions to review what options are available. We’ll typically present applicable treatments so that you can play a role in selecting the best one for you. Such as dental implants vs. bridges for missing teeth, or crowns vs. veneers. 

When your full mouth restoration exam is complete, we’ll write up a detailed presentation of your treatment plans so you can look through the process, timeline, and fees involved. Our treatment coordinators will discuss all of the treatment procedures and full mouth reconstruction costs with you so that you know exactly what to expect. Since each of our mouth reconstruction cases involve unique processes, your specific situation is tailored to your individual needs. 

How Long Does A Full Mouth Reconstruction Take?

It usually requires several months to complete the steps of full mouth reconstruction. The timeframe depends on each procedure and treatment included. For instance, more intensive treatments could be spaced out over the course of a year. Whereas additional restorative procedures like fillings can be completed in a single visit. If you have insufficient gum tissue or require periodontal treatments, root planing will need to be completed before placing any permanent restorations. 

Costs And Insurance Coverage

Every full mouth restoration case is unique. Costs for some procedures may be completely covered by your insurance (such as a prophylactic teeth cleaning), whereas others are covered at a set percentage. Regardless of the extent of your full mouth restoration, our treatment coordinators will review your needed treatment and calculate what’s covered by insurance. Making affordable monthly payments is no problem, as any other treatments can be applied to a flexible financing plan. That way you can address any root canal issues, update temporary restorations, or have implants restored without having to wait months or years for a functionally new mouth. 

What Procedures Are Needed?

Although every rehabilitation case is different, a rejuvenation/restoration case may likely involve some of the following procedures:

  • Dental implant placement
  • Full coverage crowns
  • Crown lengthening
  • Addressing tooth wear
  • Functional or cosmetic tooth movement
  • Minimally-invasive fillings and/or bonding
  • Multi-tooth ceramic dental bridges
  • Managing bone density irregularities
  • Therapeutic dental cleanings
  • Bite calibration or TMJ therapy

Is A Full Mouth Reconstruction Like A Smile Makeover?

Even though a smile makeover is not always functional, full mouth reconstruction is both therapeutic and aesthetic. You’ll be able to improve the function of upper and lower jaws, enhance the appearance of your teeth and facial profile, and enjoy a stable bite to eat any foods that you want. More advanced rehabilitation can sometimes include working with a team to incorporate dental specialists, an oral surgeon, or implant experts to help you achieve the results you’re hoping for. 

How Can I Learn More About Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Contact Gordon Dental today to learn more about smile makeovers, dental implants, and full mouth reconstruction in Leawood, KS. Flexible financing plans are available and every care plan is uniquely tailored to the individual patient’s mouth. Reserve your next appointment with us now to get started.