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Fun Things to do in Kansas City, MO

Kansas City is a city on the western edge of Missouri, well known for its famous jazz heritage, delicious barbecue, and scenic fountains. When it comes to things to do, there is no place like Kansas City. Whatever your preference is, there is something meant for you to purely enjoy.

Game time; Surviving zombie scavengers! 

If you are big on games, you can agree on how thrilling and adrenaline rushing gaming can be. If you crave the feeling, just head down to Kansas City for a game of zombie scavengers. The game is in a virtual world where zombies outdo humans 10 to 1. The struggle for survival gets real with each passing minute. You are awarded points equivalent to the weapons, food, and other supplies that you manage to scavenge. It gets even more interesting when rival colonies try their best to get a hold of what you have struggled to achieve.

Indoor skydiving experience at iFly, Kansas City. 

Get to experience all the thrilling, plummeting, and soaring sensation of skydiving without ever getting on a plane. The vertical wind tunnel allows you to float weightlessly as though wandering in space, giving you an unforgettable adrenaline rush in a completely safe environment. There is a professionally conducted introductory learning lesson, after which you are assisted to gear up before heading to the flight chamber. A well experienced and highly accredited instructor will join you, so you do not even have to worry about a thing. Get to honor your hovering skills as you tackle your flight with the utmost confidence. The good thing is that friends and family can get to watch you in full action through the transparent walls.

Get completely lost in marine life at the SEA LIFE Kansas City. 

Located at the crown center of Kansas City, sits this majestic and highly interactive museum. This aquarium is home to more than 1000 aquatic creatures. It has a 360 degrees ocean tunnel and many interactive touch pools to make your experience all so genuine and true. The aquarium’s striking beauty is enough to get you to fall in love. The below-the-surface view of numerous ocean ecosystems is just so rejuvenating, and it makes you appreciate nature in a different kind of way. If you have kids, be sure to take them to the Doodle Reef and watch their excitement reach new heights. At the reef, there is a screen with a live display where they can create their own virtual sea creatures.