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Same-Day Dental Implants: Cost, Procedure, and Recovery

Each of us longs for dazzling teeth and healthy gums for gleaming smiles. This elevates your self-confidence and gains you a refreshed breath. However, as people age, they tend to develop some complicated dental issues that, in some way, suppress their confidence and dim their self-esteem.

Each of us longs for dazzling teeth and healthy gums for gleaming smiles. This elevates your self-confidence and gains you a refreshed breath. However, as people age, they tend to develop some complicated dental issues that, in some way, suppress their confidence and dim their self-esteem. Such dental problems can be mild and one can live with them seamlessly, while others can get chronic to demand specialized attention. They include tooth decay, halitosis (bad smell), gum diseases, cracked or broken teeth, and enamel erosion. For complicated teeth problems, they will need implant procedures that can take weeks or months to be completed and some time to heal. However, dentists have come up with a teeth-in-a-day dental implant solution that coils all the processes into a single day.

So What is a Same-Day Dental Implant

A same-day dental implant is a procedure in which patients undergo the entire process of getting their teeth replaced in a single day. This operation is a new technology set that allows prosthetic teeth in a single appointment. The process can replace the full arch all at once without the conventional repeat visits to the surgeon. Unlike the traditional 3 – 4 months wait for the socket to heal after the extraction of bad teeth, then another 3-6 months delay after the insertion of the implant before finally placing the crown, the same-day dental implant procedure is completed all in one session.

How Much Does it Cost

Technically, same-day implants are cost-effective when compared to traditional ones. Traditionally, every time you visit the dentist, you must pay some consultation fees and pay for the doctor’s time and equipment used. Comparing the multiple times a patient has to visit the dentist’s office before finally getting their implants fixed is way costlier than the one-day procedure. When quantities, according to The New York Times, it costs between $3,000 and $4,000 for a single dental tooth implant and between $3,000 and $50,000 for the entire arc.

Unfortunately, as costly as this dental implant is, not all insurance companies cover all the costs incurred. Such dental implants and procedures are classified as cosmetic dentistry treatments, and most insurance providers take a back on them. However, the insurance provider might cover a few aspects of the procedure, such as restoration of the jaws for chewing or tooth extraction. Nevertheless, insurance companies realize the long-term gain of these dental implants has started to provide cover.

How to Get Teeth in a Day

The procedure for a one-day dental implant looks similar to the traditional one. However, the type of implants might be different. Typically, a same-day dental implants procedure can take the following steps

Consultation: Here, the dentist examines the placement of your sinuses, where your implant is to be done and your jawbone integrity. After the consultation, some patients are advised to proceed with the implant, and others might be advised not to. A dentist can advise for further implant surgeries if he discovers that your sinuses are small for an implant to take place.

Surgery: Your surgeon will administer a sedative to relax your muscles and, later, an anaesthetic to inhibit any pain. Your mouth is then cleansed well – for oral health – and holes are drilled for dental implantation. All unneeded teeth will be removed before proceeding with the operation.

Fitting: new teeth are fixed on the abutments. The dentist may recommend that the abutment be uncapped to aid the unstable implants in healing without damaging the bone.

Aftercare: Upon successful fittingpatients can proceed to do their daily activities. However, they are advised to adhere strictly to diet and oral health hygiene.

Final checks: Patients are advised to return to the dentist after about 6 months for the check-up. The one-day tooth implant is checked to see if it has healed properly.


Patients may undergo discomfort for a couple of months as they recover. Some may experience possible infection, great jaw pain, swelling of the face and gums, and injured skin and gums. It takes about 3 – 6 months for a patient to recover fully. Each patient has their own recovery experience depending on the individual.

Both traditional and one-day dental implants have proven to have the same effects on the jawbone structure. Depending on the heading response of the patient, it may take longer or shorter than 6 months to recover completely.

Why or Why Not You Should Consider a Same-Day Dental Implant

Most people opt for same-day dental implantation as it saves them numerous trips to the dentist. However, patients report that the entire process is intense and needs more than just physical energy. It affects patients’ mental health as they don’t know the procedure’s outcome.

  • Advantages: Same-day dental are cheaper than traditional implants. It saves time and money. Many trips to and fro the clinic, dentist consultation fees, assessment charges and many others are no longer an issue with this modern implant process. Patients get results immediately. Unlike traditional implants, here, patients come and go back home with a new set of teeth fixed already. Finally, there are minimal chances of any bone grafting.
  • Disadvantages: Not everyone can be qualified for this process. Depending on the health of a person, they may be denied a chance to have it done. Same-day implant – in unlikely events— may go wrong. Failure of the process will mean damage to the jaw, teeth loss and long-term dental effects on the patient. Post-procedure swelling of the gum and immense discomfort are common outcomes of this process. Finally, the process takes longer, and patients spend more dental chair time compared to conventional approaches.

With the aid of technology, a same-day dental implant has been a success. No patient can spend a day without a tooth, unlike the traditional methods, which could take longer. This newly found teeth implant procedure has saved patients money and time they could otherwise use on the many trips to dental clinics. Despite the long hours in the dental chair during the procedure, the healing process is faster, and there are minimal chances of bone grafting. Find a dental implant specialist near you and be advised accordingly on the right procedure for you and if you qualify for the one-day dental implant or otherwise.