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How Do I Choose A Dentist For Dentures?

Are you planning to replace all of your missing teeth with dentures? A great set of dentures is like finding the perfect-fitting shoe. It’s custom fitted to your body for optimal comfort and performance all day long. 

Your new dentures impact your speech, what you eat, and even your confidence level. Selecting the best Kansas denture provider will ensure you get the results you’re looking for. 

With so many options to choose from, how can you find the best dentist for your denture treatment? 

Choose a Dentist Who Helps Preserve Remaining Teeth

The standard of care is to replace missing teeth while preserving any remaining natural teeth (when possible.) Hence why partial dentures and dental bridges are so popular. But if you have extensive gum disease or the remaining teeth need to be extracted, you’ll need more than just a partial denture to replace all your missing teeth at once.

Ideally, the best denture provider will work with you on a tooth-by-tooth basis to ensure retention of surrounding teeth while fitting you with “false teeth” to fill in the gaps. Rarely is it the standard of care to extract and replace all of your teeth at one time. 

Ask About Types of Dentures Offered

If you’re visiting a dentist who only offers one type of denture or pushes for one specific treatment, you may want to get a second opinion. Having a variety of types of dentures to choose from will allow you to select the best prosthesis for your smile. A new, complete set of teeth impacts your jaw and bone health as much as your personality. 

Whether you’re planning dentures for your upper jaw or lower jaw, some can be fitted immediately, while others might require having teeth extracted. Working with a highly skilled denture provider means you’ll have access to multiple teeth replacement options, whether it’s conventional full dentures or an implant-supported device

denture and partial denture for tooth replacement patient
Traditional denture and a partial denture

Find out which of the following denture treatment options your dentist offers, first:

Traditional Dentures

Complete dentures are one of the most popular treatment options for older adults who need to replace all their teeth at once. Take note that dentures feel different when it comes to your typical chewing, biting, and overall oral function. Typically, most people tend to shift to soft foods. Young patients may only want to wear full dentures for temporary purposes before they plan other teeth replacement treatment (like dental implants.) 

Partial Dentures

Removable partial dentures use an acrylic or metal framework to replace upper or lower teeth. Maybe you’ve had a failed root canal on one side of your mouth and a missing tooth on the other. Partials offer improved facial appearance and a healthy smile, by snapping into place around your natural teeth. You might prefer partials as a temporary denture solution if you’re planning on a future permanent tooth replacement

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are a type of temporary dentures design you wear for a few months as your gums heal following dental extractions. Your dentist will pre-fit the prosthesis ahead of time, so that it’s ready to wear on the same day teeth are removed. These dentures replace all of the teeth in an arch rather than select multiple missing teeth. After the first few weeks or months, they will likely need to be adjusted. Immediate dentures are temporary same-day dentures that will need to be replaced with a permanent prosthesis after your mouth is fully healed. 

Implant Supported/Anchored Dentures

Did you know that you could blend conventional dentures with dental implants? These denture designs are durable for a long period. Each one is anchored onto metal posts (implants) in your upper or lower jaw. They can be permanent (i.e., “All-on-4”) or removable snap-on overdentures. Keep in mind that the training and experience of your denture provider will impact your treatment choices. 

overdenture to replace missing teeth

Future Tooth Replacement Options

Dentures aren’t always permanent. Today you might be a great candidate for a partial denture, with later goals of getting dental implants. Or perhaps you’re expecting additional tooth loss and will need a full mouth prosthesis later on that will fit properly. Patients with multiple or single tooth loss deserve the self-confidence and oral health that comes from working with general dentists who present all viable treatment options. 

Cosmetic dentures designs help you feel great about the way your front teeth look without the embarrassment of having teeth extracted. Many patients choose complete denture “plates” with the future goals of saving up for dental implants later on down the road. A skilled denture/implant specialist can help you craft a smile you’ll love from day one. 

Pre Implant Appointment leawood ks

The Skill and Training of Your Dentist Matters

Not all dentists offer all types of dentures. When your facial appearance and oral function are a priority, you’ll want a general dentist who knows which type of prosthesis you’re a good candidate for. 

Dr. Philip Gordon is one of the most highly trained and regarded general dentists offering dentures and implants in Kansas and Missouri. His extensive work with smile reconstruction and tooth replacement options ensures an excellent, personalized experience for each of our patients. 

In addition to being a member of the American Dental Association, he is also a recognized member of the Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Academy of General Dentistry, American Academy of Implant Dentistry, International Congress of Oral Implantologists, Academy of Osseointegration, Missouri Dental Association, and the Kansas Dental Association. 

Best Kansas Dentist for Dentures

Whether you’re already wearing dentures or want to replace a missing tooth with a dental bridge, Gordon Dental is here to help. Our top-rated Kansas denture provider offers quality dentures and implants for people of all backgrounds. We work closely with our in-house dental lab to ensure an amazing smile that you can feel comfortable sharing all day long. 

To learn more about your dentures and dental implant options in Kansas and Missouri, contact Gordon Dental today for a consultation. Flexible payment options are available.