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Famous People from Overland Park, KS

The unique and beautiful city of Overland Park only came into being in 1905, yet so many celebrities and notable people are proud to call it home. From legendary sports personalities, actors, actresses, philanthropists, businessmen, musicians to even politicians, Overland Park can be seen as a stomping ground where many celebrities prefer to take refuge as they take a break from all the showbiz buzz with its rich history. Below is a list of some famous people that happen to jail hail from this ‘high-class city.’

Daphne Blunt. This is an Overland’s Park-born actor. The most interesting thing about her is that she started out her career (in local theatre) at only the tender age of three! Her first major role was being a part of Kayla on ‘My Dream,’ a radio series from Disney. Some few years later, she got her first-ever role on TV in the show ‘The Young and The Restless.’ Ever since she has featured in several other TV films and shows.

Michael Almereyda.  This Overland Park native is a brilliant screenwriter and film director. One of his works that he is most famous for is the ‘Hamlet’ in 2000. It starred Julia Stiles, Ethan Hawke, Kyle MacLachlan, Bill Murray amongst other talented individuals. He has worked in several other films, including ‘Twister and ‘Nadga.’

Sarah Lancaster. Sarah was born in Overland Park, KS, in 1980. You probably know her from her role as Rachel Meyers in ‘Saved by the Bell: The New Class’ or if not, then maybe as Ellie Bartowski in Chuck, a popular comedy series. She has first started on many shows, including Boston Public, Everwood, Dawson’s Creed, Code Black, and That 70’s show. She has several film credits including The Good Doctor, Catch me if you Can and Cruel Intentions 2.

John Lehr. In 1965, Overland Park welcomed this incredible comedian into the world with the slightest clue that he would turn out so great! Initially, an elementary school teacher in Chicago, Lehr woke up one day and decided to pursue his true calling as an actor. His career was quite successful, and he was able to several films and TV shows. You probably know him from Quick Draw, a popular Hulu series. He also helped to co-create 10 Items of Less, a popular TBS series. He also had a role to play in the Geico Insurance commercials, where he played as one of the cavemen.