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Does Dental Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

Will dental insurance cover dental implants? In years past, insurance coverage was extremely limited when it came to paying for dental implants. In some cases, even medical insurance was used to make sure non-traditional aspects of the dental implant procedure were covered. Even though dental insurance plans may not pay for the entire cost of getting a dental implant, the insurance policies today tend to be much better than 10 or 20 years ago when it comes to what’s covered.

Insurance Coverage For Dental Implants

Dental implants can be very expensive, depending on how many you need and if you don’t have dental insurance. However, the cost for implants offers the best return on investment, as they can last a lifetime and function like natural teeth. They essentially give you the freedom to smile with confidence and eat whatever you like. That being said, implants are more expensive than bridges or dentures. Implant placement should only be performed by an experienced dentist who has the skilled knowledge of the process and the right technology on hand. As such, a dental insurance policy may not completely cover the costs involved. Much of it depends on your specific plan, which is determined between your insurance provider and employer.

Are Dental Implants Covered By Dental Insurance?

Getting dental implants is a type of oral surgery. Dental coverage may cover some of the basic procedures required, such as any extractions or the crowns (“artificial teeth” you see when you smile.) A breakdown of your specific insurance plan benefits will be necessary to determine exactly what dental implant procedures fall under your package of coverage. But even if implants cost more than what your insurance coverage allows, you can rest assured knowing there are other ways to help pay for the treatment, such as flexible monthly financing options

Dental Insurance Plan Types

When it comes to dental insurance, there are several choices available. Dental Maintenance Organizations or PPOs are the most widely viewed forms of dental maintenance policies. A PPO allows you to select your implant dentist. Dental HMO plans are usually cheaper, but you can only see specific primary care dentists or specialist offices in the network. A referral may be needed, depending on the type of insurance company you have. 

Fortunately, with a PPO, you can usually see any dentist, even if they aren’t in your network. The fees may be slightly different, but they can provide you with the expected costs before delivering basic restorative care (including implant surgery) so that you’re never caught off guard by pricing. 

Not All Dental Insurance Plans Cover Dental Implants The Same Way

In years past, dental insurance plans normally didn’t cover dental implants. Today, many do cover implants because they realize they offer the best solution for missing natural teeth. Again, your specific dental insurance policy will vary from the next person’s, so it’s important to have our treatment coordinators check with your carrier beforehand. 

Keep in mind that dental insurance coverage hasn’t increased with the cost of living over the past few decades. Even if you have a great insurance provider, your total annual allowable may not be more than about $1,500, regardless of which type of dental treatment you need. Insurance coverage is particularly used for preventative care, as opposed to covering dental implants or other tooth replacements. Keep that in mind if you’re about to undergo major oral rehabilitation. 

Types Of Dental Implants

The type of dental implants you plan on getting will impact how much of it is covered by your dental insurance. For example, there are individual dental implants with crowns, which are used to replace single missing teeth. And then there are implant-supported dental bridges, which are topped on a pair of implants for 3-4 missing teeth. For full mouth implants, you can select an overdenture, All-on-4, or even zygomatic dental implants. Every system and design are priced differently, which will need to be worked into your care plan (where the insurance plans’ benefits are checked against the treatment fees.)

What Is Involved In Getting An Implant?

Dental implant surgery isn’t nearly as involved as what it used to be. Today, getting dental implants is a relatively straightforward and predictable experience. Regardless of how many dental implants you need. Especially when you work with an implant dentistry provider who has extra training and state-of-the-art technology available (like 3D imaging or computer-guided placement tools.) 

Most dental implant surgery only requires one visit to place the dental implants. After they integrate with the bone, we attach a fixed restoration such as a crown, bridge, or hybrid prosthesis. Our dental implant provider will review the entire dental implant procedure with you in advance so that you know exactly what to expect. 

Tell Me The Expected Cost Of Dental Implant Insurance?

Sure! When you visit for a dental implants consultation, we’ll collect your medical insurance and dental insurance information. From there, our team will tabulate a breakdown of all your expected benefits and work them into an outline of your treatment plan. Then, we’ll list your plan’s annual limits, estimated coverage, and any amount remaining. Insurance coverage usually ranges from 20-80% on certain procedures, depending on the type of plan you have. Any remaining amount not included under your estimated insurance plan can be financed on a month-to-month basis. 

Expected Costs For A Dental Implant

Average dental implant costs vary by a couple of thousand dollars per tooth, depending on the type of implants you’re getting and how many teeth are missing. Full-arch reconstruction typically costs less per tooth since we’re using fewer implants for something like an All-on-4 or All-on-6. At Gordon Dental, we take the surprise out of your projected dental implants budget. Everything is reviewed upfront, including an estimate of your dental implant insurance benefits. 

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