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Annual Events in Prairie Village, KS

Of all the events in Prairie Village, this one is not to be missed. This action-packed weekend received over 15,000 attendees! This festivity has been in existence for over 60 decades, which means one thing only; this event is here to stay. Being the second oldest festivity in Kansas, it is no wonder that the Art Show has a well-established footprint in the art industry. The wonderful and ever-growing metro population in the city keeps local, regional, and the international community is drawn to Prairie Village.

Prairie Village is the true definition of small but forever mighty! Around this time, the shops in the city host over 100 artists with patrons from Kansas and the entire region. The brains behind construction of the Country Club Plaza are the same ones behind the establishment of the cool and welcoming shopping center that stands to date.

The MAM Cabin Fever

If you are in search of a family-friendly fun event, think MAM Cabin Fever. The presentations, singing, performances, and board games are all on a whole new level. Each year, things take a new turn, including things such as soup tasting, board games, candy tasting, crotchet, cheese tasting, karaoke, beer sampling, social destruction games such as Werewolf, charades, puzzles and so much more! This event is the true definition of mad fun, and the best part is that it is family-friendly. It is an excellent opportunity to network and make new friends. If you have any relevant presentation in mind, be sure to check with the event organizers to confirm if any slots are available. Come one, come all, and let us all enjoy Prairie Village’s charm.

Family Race

This event tests your skills when it comes to matters of teamwork. Get to complete puzzles for the top prize or even pick up more challenging competitions. Head out to dinner later to celebrate the event’s victories. Fees vary depending on the family size, whether or not you are residents, and any other additional activities that have a fee attached to them.